Regional Hydrogen Hub for the Permian Basin

Trans Permian H2Hub, LLC and The Port of Corpus Christi Horizons Clean Hydrogen Hub have combined the Two Hydrogen Hubs into a single application to The US Department of Energy for selection as a Clean Energy Regional Hydrogen Hub

The Final Application was filed on April 5th, 2023

The Trans Permian H2Hub geography includes the Texas Permian Basin cities of San Antonio, San
Angelo, Big Spring, Midland, Odessa, El Paso, Fort Stockton, Alpine, Presidio and Del Rio. The planned
projects within the Trans Permian H2Hub include production and hydrogen derivatives from diverse
feedstocks as well as mobility projects, including hydrogen fuel cell bus manufacturing, hydrogen re-
fueling stations, municipal transit projects and freight mobility projects.

Merging the two hub concepts creates a unified framework that leverages existing infrastructure and
commercial connections between West Texas energy production and the Port of Corpus Christi as the
nation’s premier energy gateway.

Trans Permian H2Hub Hydrogen Attributes and Infrastructure

Our planned projects within the Trans Permian H2Hub include green and blue hydrogen plants, blending of H2 into natural gas pipelines, H2 metro-bus manufacturing, H2 re-fueling stations, H2 to large-scale power generation, conversion of H2 to ammonia and methanol for both H2 hub and export markets, solar and wind power, H2 small-scale distributive power, and metropolitan H2 bus transport projects in major cities. We plan to include community benefits programs, including environmental justice, that check the core elements of the FOA. Several communities and planned projects are in economic opportunity zones. We are in discussions with the county or city economic development agencies in the regional H2Hub to implement economic and community development programs. The H2Hub also encompasses several university, college, and trade school campuses to implement hydrogen attributes curriculum or job training. We have received letters of support from communities and industries to establish the Trans Permian H2Hub. The Trans Permian H2Hub is open for participation to any interested party.

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