Regional Hydrogen Hub for the Permian Basin

The Trans Permian H2Hub with its abundant infrastructure and resources of natural gas pipelines; oil and natural gas; renewable energy of sun and wind; two transcontinental interstate highways; rail interconnection to all three Class 1 railroads; land availability; reusable water resources; planned hydrogen production and marketing projects, has all the requisites to provide green and blue hydrogen, power, ammonia and methanol to new and existing industries, mobility/transportation applications and to provide production for a proposed hydrogen pipeline from the Permian Basin to the Port of Corpus Christi.

Trans Permian H2Hub and The Port of Corpus Christi Horizons Clean Hydrogen Hub combined the Two Hydrogen Hubs into a single application to the US Department of Energy for selection as a Clean Energy Regional Hydrogen Hub. Our Final Application
was selected as one of three alternates to the 1st seven selections. We are in place to respond to the DOE as required.
Trans Permian H2Hub is pursuing our projects irrespective of the DOE selection process, and currently, we are focused on the export of hydrogen derivative products to Europe and Asia.

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